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Senior Bowl


Going a bit out of character for me.  Please don’t think that I have gone soft, or whatever.  It is the week before National Signing Day and everyone else has that info covered.  This piece has nothing to do with Auburn, but it is worth putting it out there for you chat about at the water cooler… maybe.


With the Senior Bowl approaching I have to wonder what the hell is Tim Tebow doing there?  What good can possibly come out of him playing in this game?  I am normally all for "stars" playing in exhibition games.   Examples being Peyton Manning playing in pre season games, and the rest of the starters doing the same.  Baseball stars playing in the All Star Game unless injured.  It should be an honor to play for the fans that shell out big bucks to see you play.


The issue here for me is that the Senior Bowl is nothing but an NFL scouting game.  The rules on offense and defense are ridiculous and it is not real football.  Now back to my point and Tebow… what good can he gain by playing?  We all (as well as the NFL scouts) have seen him play for the last 3.5 to 4 years.  He has been on ESPN non stop, and any highlight he could possibly have has been shown a couple of hundred times.  Is he going to make a throw in the Senior Bowl that is going to change a NFL scouts mind about whether he can play quarterback or not?  Not a chance.  Whether he can play QB or not will be determined in camp for XYZ team that either drafts him or picks him up as a Free Agent.


Now if he was going to play tight end or line up in the slot as a wide receiver it would be a great decision to play.  Personally, I think that is where he could ultimately end up if he is going to have a productive pro career.  Not saying that he cannot play QB, because I think he could.  But he will have to win a spot on a roster as a QB, or come in due to injury.  I do not see Tebow being a clip board guy.  He has too much going for him. 


Please Tim, for all of us who have hated on you, and were ready for you to leave college football; don’t get hurt playing in this game it is not worth it.  The Senior Bowl is stupid and I would imagine that most College Football Fans do not watch it.  It is nothing but a numbers game… height, weight, speed, vertical, etc.  They do not have a number for heart or leadership, and everyone knows that you have that.   You will get drafted, some team will "take a chance" on you.   Why put yourself in danger?  It is just not worth it.



War Damn Eagle