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Tuberville to be a Red Raider??


It is no secret that I was and still am a fan of Tommy Tuberville.  I can be a fan of him and not feel good about how he left Auburn.  I can also be a fan and forgive him for leaving our Tigers in a hell of a mess, as far as the players left and recruiting woes that haunted us.  I can also admit that I would have liked him to be in the race for the Athletic Director position should it become available in the near future at Auburn.  What I will not admit is that I would feel the same way if he gets back into coaching. 

I can hear you all now… he is still young enough, he still has the fire burning in his gut, he can still build a winning program.  That might be true, but he will lose his "Auburn Man" status with me if he gets employed elsewhere.  Is that a fair statement… probably not, but it is how I feel.  He did enough for Auburn as a program to have his name someplace on Jordan-Hare (some might feel that it belongs on the bathrooms though).  I feel the same way about Steve Spurrier at Florida.  I will use him as the example.  He will go into the College Football Hall of Fame as a Gator.  But he has lost his Gator status (although he played there) because he has been at South Carolina.  Again this is just my opinion, but it is how I feel.   

His name is showing up on the Red Raider radar.  Personally, I don’t see Texas Tech hiring Tuberville.  I think that Tony Franklin and the 2008 season doomed him in a spread offense type team.  He would have to bring in one hell of an offensive mind to run the offense.  And Tuberville would have to step back and let that person run it his own way.  Can Tommy do that?  I can not see it happening.  Tommy is the CEO of his program and he has never made any bones about that.  He would also have to allow the offensive coordinator the ability to hire his own staff.  That would also be against Tuberville’s nature.

Lastly, if Texas Tech would look at the recruiting that Tuberville did after he and his staff became tenured in the State of Alabama, they will see that he would have rather been duck hunting then improving his team.  That is the cardinal sin in college football.

The main thing that would make Tuberville a good choice is that he has shown that he can recruit "under the radar" players.  Tuberville has always seemed to be a great judge of talent.  He can also coach those players so they can compete with the "main" team in the state (see Alabama).  Whether it was him or his staff is debatable, but again he is the CEO.  Texas Tech will need that sort of coach because the Red Raiders have to play Texas every season. 

What say you?


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