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Tennessee Got Screwed!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy ending! Tennessee Vs LSU 10-02-2010 (via tairon)

If you saw the ending of the Tennessee-LSU game, you are left with one of the biggest WTF moments in CFB history.

Never mind the 4th and 14 play that LSU converted. Never mind the pass interference play that LSU got that resulted in 1st and Goal from the two yard line.

2nd and goal from the two with 32 seconds left. LSU brings back in Jordan Jefferson for a run play, but it run gets stopped cold and the clock runs....

The mad hatter runs 20 seconds off the clock BEFORE deciding to try and substitute at the last second, which the Vols STUPIDLY decide to reply in kind, switching from pass to run defense.

The snap, with 6 seconds left, goes right of Jefferson, resulting in a fumble and subsequent Tennessee victory.

WAIT!!! The refs review the play and figure (rightly) that Tennessee had 13 players on the field. NO flags were seen thrown. Not a SINGLE camera man depicts a flag dropped as Derek Dooley & Co. run onto the field in victory.

Ten minutes later (or what seems), the refs say there was a penalty on the field. Tennessee illegal participation. Can't end the game on a defensive penalty. Replay 3rd down. AGAIN, no sign that this was called on the field.

(Thirty minutes later, in the CBS control room, obviously to cover conference ASSES, Tony Barnhart states that the officials claim that A) three flags were dropped on the field by the back judges; B) That the play (and call) were reviewable.)

LSU lines up with no time remaining on the two yard line and scores a TD, BUT...

NO OFFICIAL bothered to call the dead ball penalty of the LSU lineman THROWING his helmet on the field after the supposed last play of the game.

IF you can review that last play of the game for a penalty, THEN you can call the dead ball foul of un-sportsmanlike conduct on LSU for throwing the helmet. No off-setting situation, but give the Tigers ONE last play from the 17-yard line instead of the two. Different result?

PREDICTION: One certain SEC officiating crew SUSPENDED Monday morning.

MEANTIME: LSU trustees start to put out feelers for new head coach who wears a superior chronograph.

Question? Dooley appeared to go shake hands with Miles after the supposed win. Did he run away after the subsequent loss? Boo if he did.