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A Title Bout Between Tigers?


It's time to strap it up and play, folks!
Auburn vs. LSU Open Thread.

     War Eagle, everybody! It's gameday again! This afternoon, Auburn host the LSU Tigers in what is essentially a playoff game. The winner has the inside track to the SEC Championship Game. The loser isn't quite out of the hunt, but would need a lot of help. The Western Division Title still likely will go through the Crimson Tide, but this game is very important.On the field, this is a matchup between the SEC's best offense and defense when Auburn has the ball. The LSU offense and the Auburn defense are suspect. Both teams field good special teams units. Turnovers will likely decide this one.

     Much like the last three weeks, you couldn't ask for better football weather. There should be sunny skies and comfortable temperatures in the upper 70s. Your humble Auburn blogger will be at the game with his trusty Nikon, and hopes to bring back a ton of pictures!

     As always, feel free to chime in here on the open thread, and enjoy the game! We're having a great ride this football season! It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!