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Top 10 Reasons Why LSU Should Keep Les Miles as Coach


From the home office in Atlanta, GA, tonight's top 10 reasons why LSU should keep Les Miles as coach:

13) Penalty. Tennessee had 13 participants on this list. Replay 3rd down.

 9) Dean of SEC coaches title within grasp if Georgia keeps losing.

 8) Rich Rod's tenure at Michigan looking a little more lengthy than thought at present.

 7) 6) 5) Three item offensive substitution with game clock running down.

 6) Working film title:Milacle at 32-Second Straight.

 5) Way too much Fear the Hat gear still left to sell.

 4) BP not currently paying out claims for Gulf Coast head coach disruption.

 3) No interest from the Dolphins expressed nor from Cowboys (Dallas or Okie State) expected.

 2) Would miss Saban's second welcome homecoming.

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