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Rogers Changes Story on Newton Allegations

Just when Auburn fans thought they were getting a day of reprieve in the Cam Newton story, the man at the center of the allegations has decided to talk. Kenny Rogers, the former Miss St. player who allegedly shopped Newton to the Bulldogs last year, has spoken out on Dallas radio saying he was present when money was demanded by the Newton family.

Despite denying the allegations earlier in the week, Rogers had a change of heart Thursday afternoon. Talking to ESPN Radio 103.3 in Dallas, Rogers claims he was with Cecil Newton, Cam's father, when he demanded "Anywhere between $100,000 and $180,000."

According to a story at

"Rogers was asked if Cecil Newton ever told him how much money it would take to get his son to play for Mississippi State. "Yes he did," Rogers said. Asked how much, he said: "Anywhere between $100,000 and $180,000."

Later in the interview, Rogers said he and Cecil Newton first talked after Cam Newton left Florida following the 2008 season. In the course of their conversations, he said Cecil Newton told him "it's not gonna be free this time."

Rogers said he only was involved with Cecil Newton in regards to Mississippi State.

Rogers said on Nov. 28, 2009, he and Cecil Newton followed each other out of Starkville, Miss., after the Ole Miss-Mississippi State game. He said Newton asked him: "What do you think is going to happen? You think it's going to go through? "

He said he was referred to a Mississippi State booster named Bill Bell. Rogers said he left Bell a message telling him he was with Mr. Newton, who wanted to know if the deal was going to happen.

Bell has not commented publicly on the allegation.

Rogers said he didn't know if Cam Newton knew about the request for money. He said he did not meet Cam Newton until Nov. 27, 2009."

The credibility of Rogers is now virtually nil. He has completely changed his story. This can only be viewed as good news for the Newton family. The credibility of those making the allegations have taken a serious hit with this story.

More to come.