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Interesting Perspective

The following missive was posted on a thread earlier by College Sports. With her permission, I've reprinted it for all to see. I haven't seen a better layout of the facts by anyone yet--even professional writers.--WEA

I see it this way …

Yeah, we all know Cam Newton BOUGHT a stolen computer. He didn’t steal it! Period.
Claims have been made about cheating HOWEVER he was never brought in front of any panel being accused of the accusations at Univ of FL (and that was private info .. so my guess is hmmm someone in Meyer’s office let this Federal Info slip to descredit him) yeah likely.

Cam went to Blinn, won a Jr College Championship and along comes Kenny Rogers, the snake, the sleaze of representing athletes (and there are some bad one’s, however, he is the WORST … read the Alabama A & M athlete story about him & his Mom .. Momma’s don’t lie about things like this).

While at FL, Cam and Mullen form a friendship. Mullen leaves for MSU & desperately wants this Jr College WINNING QB. Cam makes a verbal promise to go to MSU.

Kenny Rogers meets Cecil & Cam Newton at MSU during a recruiting weekend. Cam’s father says, "Hell it would take alot more than a Scholarship to bring my son to MSU" looking at their program and this first year head coach without the big SEC promise of a championship (those are my words in quotes).

ORRRR ok let’s say Kenny Rogers says, let me talk to some ppl and get Cam onboard and signed. Being the snake that he is … he is NOT going to do this for nothing, afterall, he does get paid to do his little recruiting job of finding displaced players and putting them on teams. So HE, Kenny Rogers, wants money and KNOWS that the Boosters at MSU have some money to throw around. So HE, Kenny Rogers, meets with SO CALLED RECRUITERS, who you state above are recruiters, however, they COULD be boosters. Boosters are not recruiters and should have no contact with prospects…only Coaches can recruit for MSU. So … Kenny Rogers calls his old boosters on MSU, Bond & Bell (I believe his name is) and HE, KEnny Rogers CAN"T get the money he wants of $180,000 and says .. well other schools are willing to pay it. He has to go to Boosters to find the money, he knows that. The school coaches are not going to pay it, money comes from Boosters and Kenny Rogers was trying to scam it from them. So they say Noooo.

Cam Newton, in the meantime, visits other schools, including TN, whose coach has said NEVER EVER was ANY MONEY TALKED ABOUT for pay to play and as part fo the recruitment process and he/and /or his family falls in love with the Auburn campus and program as many have. He decides he’s going to Auburn.

Oh boy .. Mullen is pissed now!!!! And Kenny Rogers who is a former MSU alum and those 2 boosters tell Mullen "well we could have gotten him for $180,000.00. So Mullen hears this $$$ convo, which probably did not happen with his coaches but with his boosters and waits till AFTER the actual signing and contacts the NCAA over this concern cause now he’s figuring Cam went somewhere for money…when in actuality it was the crooked Rogers who wanted to make money to get him signed. After the MSU event .. Cecil Newton never heard from Kenny Rogers again.

So let’s gather up all the schools that Cam Newton visited and talk to those coaches and find out if Cecil Newton wanted a pay to play transaction. We’ve already heard from 2 or 3 of those coaches and all have said NO MONEY was EVER talked about.

So this is back in January when NCAA is contacted. The NCAA then demands more info about the situation and MSU does not have time to give the proper so called paperwork until July … HELLO 7 months later. Apparantly, none of this paperwork EVER included a conversation with Cecil Newton or a Pay to Play situation.

Now here we are in November and Auburn is #2, Cam Newton is the #1 prospect for the Heisman and MSU still has no QB or winning record. Out comes Bonds & his story. No one now wants to see the kid do good…the kid that BROKE HIS PROMISE to Mullen to play at MSU. Broken promises = Broken hearts!

So in all of this .. when they finally turn in their paperwork .. MSU has nothing about any Pay to Play conversations. But Bonds comes out with the pay to play story which came from Rogers .. Hello .. Bonds is NOT a Coach nor is he a Recruiter. Heck, I can walk over to MSU and say, "it’s going to take alot for my son to play at your school too" .. for one, it’s no "Ole Miss and it’s no Auburn campus .. it’s MSU. I wouldn’t send my child out of state to MS unless I lived in MS. The Recruiter you talk about with Cecil Newton in the gray box .. could well have been a Booster WHO IS NOT a recruiter .. but it seems no one at MSU knows their roles. If your a coach or a recruiter, both in the same, come forward.

So Kenny Rogers, who is under investigation for impersonating an NFLPA rep .. which HE IS NOT and is in trouble for that matter and the wayside manners that he gets players to sign with another agent Ian Greengross , another agent under investigation … keeps lying to parents and keeps lying on the radio to GET HIMSELF OUT OF TROUBLE because he is already in trouble with the NFL and the NCAA. He’s just trying to crawl out of his groungy hole. He is not believable and no parent trusts anything that he says, however, all the media … is running wild with this. You have already seen & heard Kenny Rogers on one radio station on one day and then a few days later change his story .. saying BECAUSE the FBI is involved he has to tell the truth. He is telling this story to get HIMSELF out of his own lies and trouble because of his ongoing investigation.

My take … don’t you think Auburn has already checked all of this out? They have also known since January. Why would they put a QB in the game, when he hasn’t even played yet .. they could have told him .. you are under investigation .. you have to sit and wait but they were self assured that there was no wrong doing. Other coaches have already come forward and confirmed they were never involved in any conversations with Cecil Newton in a pay to play. And don’t you think, if Cecil was shopping his son .. going from school to school .. the chance that someone is going to turn you in? All of those prospective schools could have turned him in and could have come forward. It hasn’t happened. Why one school? Because Mullen doesn’t like BROKEN PROMISES and he’s pissed that he’s NOT going to the National Championship and the QB he wanted is .. well, that’s part of it .. but his boosters brought this out because they in themseleves feels they were Promised Cam Newton and it didn’t happen. SEC Football is BIG, they live, eat and breath football in the conference and broken promises are like broken marriages.

IF MSU had this money info .. it should have been reported back in January and again in July .. it didn’t happen!!!! So now the big mouths and the rumors fly cause they are not going to the championship game. And Kenny Rogers is trying to save his butt so he can continue his Money game with displaced athletes.

Cecil Newton just needs to step forward and say .. we had no knowledge of what Kenny Rogers was doing with MSU .. oh wait, he did! End of story!

He chose Auburn .. a school and a creed that is believed in!

PS .. I might have forgotten some of my thoughts .. but this week has been a Soap Opera. I just hope the NCAA & the FBI look at the crooked Kenny Rogers, Bond’s role in this .. again, I can walk up to Bond’s and say my kid needs to be paid too to go to THAT school. This should have been cleared up back in January NOT now .. MSU is also at fault for not filling out their paperwork on this .. 7 months later…HELLO. And, again, no where in there paperwork mentions pay for play or Cecil Newton .. so let the kid play football and EVERYONE enjoy the BEST QB, BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER in the game right now!!! He’s part of history!

Cam Newton did not throw any games, he didn’t lose any, he did not take any bookie money, he didn’t throw points off on bookies point spreads, he did not throw any points in games, he’s a player .. who plays with heart and is showing the world "HE’s ALL IN"

oh wait … bookies? Money? College football? Double standard isn’t it?