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Tame Those Dogs!

Will we see Cam firing up the crowd today?

     War Eagle, everybody! It's gameday again! Auburn takes on the Georgia Bulldogs, on CBS national TV at 2:30 PM, Central Time. The Tigers can clinch the SEC Western Division title with a win over Georgia, but that story has been overshadowed by a week and a half of news on Cameron Newton's recruitment at Mississippi State. The latest allegation to hit the media is that Cam's father Cecil has admitted to discussing money with Mississippi State boosters. By NCAA rule, this puts Cam's eligibility in question, if true. I'm not sure Auburn can afford to let him play today. We'll be watching events carefully!

     The weather promises to be a repeat of the last two Auburn home games. It will be sunny, with comfortable temps in the 70s. The sun will be low in the southern skies, back-lighting the jumbo-tron all afternoon. There's little chance for rain.

     With the distractions the past week, plus Auburn's uncertain quarterback situation, it's a great opportunity for the much-improved Bulldogs to spring the upset this week. We expect a battle in this game regardless of who starts. As always, feel free to chime in and sound off in the comments below. War Eagle, and let's beat those Bulldogs!