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Friday Ramblings - Us Against The World

Au_glitter_medium VS Earth8_medium

Hello again and WAR EAGLE everyone, today we take a look at the world around us and find it quite interesting that there are some in the Southeastern Conference, that are pulling hard against us. You would think that most would be happy to see any other team in the SEC Championship game, than Florida or Alabama. Except of course, if you follow either of those two schools.

Dawg fans from both divisions hate us, admittedly for different reasons. The Eastern group is whining about the play of the best defensive lineman in the country, while the other group from the Western side of the conference is mad because their crooked and pathetic recruiting process is being exposed to a national media. All the while they are too busy pointing fingers at Cameron Newton and Auburn University, to see the focus it brings to their program.

1.)John Bond - Former MSU football player and MSU Booster, Says "I have not spoken with Kenny in 20 years or so". Afterwards in an interview with a radio station, he says"Actually there was two or three guys in between me and Kenny" Then changes his lie to "I have phone records proving I spoke directly to Kenny Rogers"

2.) Kenny Rogers - Former MSU player and rogue NFL scout wanna be, has changed his story three times as well.

3.) Bill Bell -the last of the trio of stooges, has this master piece- "It was probably three phone calls or so before Kenny said, ’They’re going to want money,’" Bell recalled. "It just seemed like he didn’t know what he was doing, like it was the first time he’d ever done something like that. I really believe it was Mr. Newton asking Kenny to do it. I don’t think it was Kenny’s idea." Let me remind all of you he's talking about Kenny Rogers. How did Rogers know to call Bill Bell for money to pay a recruit? Let me also remind you that Rogers also helps "PLACE" prospective student athletes at various schools. Yet, Bell wants you to think that this was the first time Rogers has ever asked anybody for money? Sure it was.

Here is a news flash State fans, the FBI investigation has nothing to do with Cameron Newton personally, except that he is the player your boosters tried to buy! Blaming Auburn won't change the fact that John Bond, Kenny Rogers, and Bill Bell have been exposed in all of this as the crooked machine behind your recruiting. It's going to cost you dearly, and your smug, smart ass Coach Mullen is going to jump ship when it does. Count on it!

I won't even waste my breath with that group from West Vance.

When you are on top, and someone starts to question how you got there, look for detractors to magically appear with all kinds of innuendo and lies. We as a fan base have seen the worst of the media as a true news source. The vast majority have become nothing more than a National Enquirer type of low life, that can jump on a bandwagon when it's bringing down someone, and then walk away when it's time for an apology. You watch what I tell you, if anyone of the reporters says anything at all similar to an apology, it will be a small paragraph, or a side note. Not one of them will have the guts to Title an article "My Apology To Cameron Newton, and Auburn".

Coach Steve Spurrier of the South Carolina Gamecocks has had his wish come true by beating his old school, the Florida Gators for the Eastern Division crown. Alas, the bubble will burst for him and he will awaken from the nightmare he is having, trying to figure out how to stop a potent Auburn offense. This isn't nearly the same offense that he saw earlier in the season. Get ready for 40+ to be hung on your "D".

It isn't so hard to believe that a program can be turned around in a couple of years. At least two coaches have done it recently. Bob Stoops who coaches the Oklahoma Sooners turned that program around and won a MNC in just his second year, same goes for Urban Meyer, he came to Florida after the 2004 season, and in 2006 the Gators won their first MNC under his reign. Is it so hard to believe that Gene Chizik can do the same thing and turn around an Auburn program in two years? NO! Unless you choose to look at things from a slanted point of view.

All the pieces are in place for Auburn to make this historic run. The SEC, and Auburn record books are under attack by this highly effective scheme our Tigers are using on offense. With a defense that ranks somewhere around the middle of the NCAA pack we can play with anybody, any where, anytime. Bring on the hate!