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It's a very special time of the football season for all fans of the college game. Many are anxiously awaiting the rivalry that is before them this season. In the great state of Alabama, it means something akin to Civil War. Only this war is between sides of the state, and not a nationally divisive angst about political or social issues.

While there will be many documentaries, articles, sports show discussions, and occasionally the family feud over this game, I will enter this day with many a reason for thanks.

Let's start with my childhood memories of Chris Schenkel calling a college football game. My father had a keen interest in Maryland Terrapin Football he was after all born in the southern part of that wonderful state. Thank you Indiana for the late great Mr. Schenkle, and thank you Maryland first for my father, and for Ben Tate.

Among my favorites, Keith Jackson, and Ron Franklin have no equals. Thank you gentlemen.

There are the few College football writers that have made my all time "Thank you" list, which is in no particular order of favorites. They include Andy Bitter, Charles Goldberg, Jay G. Tate, Tony Barnhart, Phil Steele, and the magical and mystical Eagle5. He actually fits in with my next group as well.

Can anyone say, segue?

My next group comes with heartfelt appreciation. For they give us all a reason to turn on our computers everyday. The "blaugusphere" has it's many and varied contributors to which I am thankful for. I would be remarkably absent minded if I didn't list the hard working group of writers here at Track Em Tigers that have made my sports life much more enjoyable.

To Acid Reign, Aubtigerman, War Eagle Atlanta, and our founder Jay Coulter many great thanks. Not only for accepting me into the fold, but putting up with me period.

There are several others I would like to list, and the drill is the same. While all are appreciated, their writings are enjoyed as well. To Jerry Hinnen of smooth and skillful words, many thanks. To Auburn Elvis for being so cool! To Brad Davis, Brooks Webb, Dione Thrift, and the entire staff at Auburn Eagle, thanks for the recruiting news that's free! To Zack and Rob at Eyes on Auburn, to Kevin Ives at Plainsman Parking Lot, to the artist simply known as John at The Sleeper team, many thanks!

To those artistic and wonderful few that make the Auburn football highlights with music, and then put them on You Tube, thanks.

A very special thank you needs to go out to the entire Auburn family. We have the best fans, the best band. Without fail we have the best coaching staff, administration, and support personnel.

To the teams, their managers, and Auburn ISP Sports crew, thank you. You are deeply loved.

To the readers here on Track Em Tigers, whether or not you have joined in the conversations. Thanks to you, most of all. It would be foolish of me to mention names, so please excuse me this.

This week on the #1 shopping day of the year, we will watch the Iron Bowl. Alabama hopes to play spoiler, while the Tigers look for bigger and better things. Dance cards for the BCS National Championship don't come around very often for Auburn, so hopes are riding high that the next three games come as victories.

Can Auburn put all the distractions behind them and fulfill the dreams made of summer sweat, and autumn afternoons in the Loveliest Village on the Plains? Time will tell.

It's all come to this, each and every week it seems that Auburn was supposed to have met it's match. Yet time and time again, the Tigers have left the field victorious.

The Tuscaloosa bunch will be the most balanced team we have faced yet. Let's steal a phrase, and keep this win streak rolling. Roll the Tide and get to Atlanta with a chance at Glendale and glory.

I thank God for my life, my friends and for each one of you.