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Iron Bowl Throw-down!

It's time to take these folks apart in their own backyard!
Auburn at Alabama, Open Thread.

     War Eagle, everybody! After an interminable wait, Iron Bowl time is finally here! Somehow, despite 2 losses to teams Auburn beat, Alabama is a 4 and a half point favorite over the number two in the nation Tigers. The experts feel that Auburn can't get it done on the road. Well, the Tigers should prove 'em wrong today! It's going to be a knock-down drag-out fight, and I think the better team will be on top at the end!

     Conditions could be problematic for both teams. There was quite a bit of rain locally last night, and Bryant Denny does not always drain well. We had over an inch where I live, but the Tuscaloosa airport is reporting only 0.39 inches. It's cold today, sitting at only 42 degrees at noon. With a heavy cloud cover, it's unlikely to rise any more over that. The wind will pick up during the game, and it may drop into the mid 30s before its over. It's going to be miserable sitting in those stands for 100,000 red-clad fans!

     We'll be here all afternoon, cheering on the Tigers. As always, feel free to drop in and vent! This is it folks, the biggest game of the year! War Eagle! Beat Bama!