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Difference maker

The 2010 Auburn Tiger football team owes everything it has accomplished to the efforts of the 2009 team. There, I said it, and you are probably saying to yourself, what has this fool been drinking? The answer quite honestly is nothing. I very seldom partake of the strong drink, and never when I have to prepare for this weekly post.

So, what has brought the idea of "owing 2009" anything, to the forefront? Many things can be attributed to the success of this 2010 version of Tigers. There's the ability of Nick Fairley and his dominating play on the defensive front. There is of course, Cam Newton, distractions aside who has exploded onto the college scene while at Auburn.

The single event that turned Auburn and the teams fortune around was a selfless act of a team mate. Upon finding out he had lost his starting position, this player could have sulked, quit, or just plain stop caring about anyone but himself. He didn't do any of those. This fine example of character, would show the football world how to respond to adversity. More importantly, he would show his team how much he cared for all of them.

In case you haven't figured out who it is I'm talking about, it's Kodi Burns. After the game he had last Friday, I didn't want to wait any longer to give him his just praise. His actions are the single biggest factor this year's Tigers are as close as they are.

Single handedly this young man was and is the Auburn spirit, the Auburn creed, and the shinning example of Auburn football. Enjoy the video...

**a special thanks to and Charles Goldberg for the video

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