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Cam Newton Possibly Shopped by Agent?



ESPN is reporting that after Auburn QB Cameron Newton came out of junior college last year that his services were allegedly shopped by a former Mississippi State player named named Kenny Rogers, who is a Chicago based sports agent. His company, Elite Football Preparation, puts on various football camps in Chicago, Mississippi and Alabama. The story was told by John Bond, a former QB at Mississippi State and one of Rogers' teammates.

Rogers allegedly told Bond after Newton's official visit to Starkville that it "would take some cash to get Cam". Bond promptly told the school, which promptly reported it to the SEC. This occured back in September, when an investigation was conducted.

Bond was told that other schools had offered $200,000 for his procurement, but since State HC Dan Mullen had an existing relationship with Newton, that they could pay only $180,000.

Cam Newton's father, Cecil, was interviewed by and denied any involvement, commenting that if Rogers attempted to solicit money, "he did it on his own, without our knowledge". The elder Newton admitted talking with Rogers a few times back in 2008 when Cam left Florida, but didn't actually meet him until Cam's official visit to State.

Cecil Newton acknowledged that he received a request from the NCAA in September asking him to provide bank statements both for himself and for the church for which he is a pastor, the Holy Zion Center of Deliverance, in Newnan, GA. He complied with the request.

In the meantime, it is the NCAA's policy to neither confirm nor deny any investigation it is conducting.

As far as Rogers and his company, both the NCAA and the NFL Player's Association have launched investigations into their practices.

Auburn assistant athletic director and media relations Kirk Sampson said "We have been made aware of the allegation. Unfortunately, we cannot comment at this time." "However, Cam Newton is eligible to play football at Auburn."

More to come.