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Jacobs Responds to Newton Allegations

Cam Newton faces a character assassination campaign unseen in college football history.
Cam Newton faces a character assassination campaign unseen in college football history.

Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs released a statement a little while ago in response to the allegations made against Cam Newton in a Fox story released today.

Fox Sports writer Thayer Evans reports that Newton, "had three different instances of academic cheating while attending the University of Florida and faced potential expulsion from the university, according to a source."

Here's Jacobs' response:

"In the past 24 hours, a lot of allegations have surfaced that date back two years ago and further," Jacobs said. "These allegations and rumors about Cam Newton are unfortunate and sad because they seem intent on tearing down the reputation of a young man who has done everything we've asked him to do. Cam has been and continues to be completely honest with us. Cam is, by all accounts, a great kid.

"Any discussion of academic records is a clear violation of federal privacy laws. We will not go down that path or stoop to that level as others have apparently done. We will, however, emphatically say that Cam is eligible to play football at Auburn University both academically and athletically. I am proud of this young man and the progress he has made to be a better football player and a better man. We are truly blessed that Cam is a part of the Auburn family, and we support him 100 percent."

It should be noted that Evans is a former New York Times sports writer. You can draw your own conclusions.

Cecil Newton, Cam's father, is also speaking out today. Talking with Phillip Marshall at Auburn, the elder Newton expressed anger about these ongoing attacks.

"I think there is a group of people who have a hidden agenda and don't want to see him as a Heisman nominee, let alone the Heisman winner," Newton said. "All of a sudden, all this starts leaping out of the corner and out of the dark.

"I'm going to use every waking breath in my body to contradict that." 

Never have I seen such a coordinated character attack on a college athlete. It's disheartening to see the media try to break down a kid who by all appearances has put his life back together.

My guess is that at some point, all of these allegations will start to backfire on those who are behind them. It must be noted that not one shred of evidence has been presented against Newton.

Some may call these events a distraction during Georgia week. I believe the opposite. Look for Auburn to be focused and ready to go Saturday afternoon. It's them against the world and I've got my money on Cam and company.