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The article below was written by Rachel Morand an Staff Writer.  The article details not only how the Staff at Wrights Mill Road Elementary feel about Cam, but the impact that this young man has had on the lives of the children at Wrights Mill.  Enjoy the read...

I will also post a video about Cam's role at Wrights Mill this past year.


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It was announced Monday evening that Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton will be traveling to New York City as a possible recipient of this year's Heisman Trophy.

To send him off with a hefty batch of good luck, the students and faculty at Wrights Mill Road Elementary surprised him with a celebration in his honor.

The school is where Newton has been voluntarily spending a few hours each Monday afternoon mentoring four fifth grade boys, Jaquez, Zay, Deonte and Marcus.

Throughout the school year, Newton has become somewhat of a celebrity each time he visits the campus as all students love seeing the star football player off the field.

Newton thought he was simply visiting the school for his regular tutoring session as he met with his four boys. But instead of meeting in their usual location of principal Lynda Tremaine's office, the boys led the quarterback to the cafeteria.

As they walked inside, hundreds of young voices yelled, "Surprise!" enticing Newton to flash his famed ear-to-ear smile.

Karen Mason, the Wrights Mill Road assistant principal, started the assembly by telling Newton, "Cam, you are now inducted into the Wrights Mill Road Family. We want you to know that we're 'All In' for you."

The biggest surprise of all was that Newton's mother, Jackie, grandmother, Hattie, and cousin, Cloe, were in attendance. Newton greeted each of them with big hugs.

The Newton family found their seats to watch a presentation of Cam's on-field accomplishments displayed on the projection screen.

Afterward, Joseph, a first-grader, led classmates in their rendition of T-Pain's "All I Do Is Win" called "All I Do Is Read" in honor of the school's focus on reading.

Newton sang along and while reciting the lyric, "Everybody's hands go up," Newton held his mother's hand in his and raised it in the air.

Second-grader, Mari, led her classmates in a spin-off the song, "12 Days of Christmas" as a tribute to Newton.

Rather than the usual 12 items, the children sang of, "One Auburn victory, two touchdowns, three Heisman Trophies, four tiger tails, five rolls of toilet paper, six licks from Nick (Fairley), seven Aubie's dancing, eight Auburn shakers orange, nine No. 2 jerseys, 10 War Eagles, 11 smiles from Cam and 12 perfect games."

To show gratitude for Newton's guidance since school began in August, the four boys he tutors had a special production for him. It was announced that a football trophy has been named after Newton and will be displayed in the school's library. The boys also let Newton know that "he is the man" by spelling out the description on individual signs.

Newton, who told Mrs. Tremaine he aspires to open a day care later in life because of his adoration of children, has never missed a week of his mentoring session even with his astronomical success on the gridiron this year.

He will continue to visit the school and mentor his four boys each week after the winter break.



I apologize for the headline, but I knew it would grab everyone's attention.  Including bammers and duck fans.  I feel that everyone needs to know as much as they can about a person before issuing judgement. 


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