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Top Ten Reasons I Love Being An Auburn Tiger



10.) No matter what state, city, or town I'm in, I always hear the greeting "WAR EAGLE" - It's true because it's happened to you.

9.) "Once you choose Auburn, the Auburn Family adopts you"- Foy Onion - No more accurate a phrase has ever been uttered that describes the feeling you get from the Auburn Family.

8.) Nothing else matters, except that you believe in Auburn - You see, it doesn't matter if you have any religious beliefs, or not. It doest not matter what political view you prescribe to. A love of this kind transcends the bounds of human nature, and reaches the innermost depths to who we are.

7.) Auburn has the best looking uniforms in the country - It's true.There was a contest last year, and Auburn won.

6.) There are more blogs and media sites for Auburn, than any other school - I have visited many school sites. Googled college sports teams, and not one other school comes close to matching our numbers. When you spend as much time on your computer as I do, that sure makes a difference. Plus the best thing about this item is, we have the very best in readers and followers, period!

5.) Where else could you see trees rolled with toilet paper and know it's a good thing? - Nowhere but Auburn, of course. What a lovely site to see Toomers Corner rolled with such love and compassion.

4.) Game day tailgating hospitality is second to none - Just go one time to a game at Jordan-Hare, enjoy the company, the game, and the atmosphere. Even opposing fans write letters back telling us how wonderful an experience it is.

3.) Orange and Blue look so good together, the sun and sky turn those colors at sunset - If you have not noticed that, then you just ain't lookin'

2.) If you didn't graduate from Auburn, you are probably working for someone who did - I don't make these up. Just read Fortune 500 magazine.

1.) If you don't think I am an Auburn fan, let me show you my I.D.


Actually there are many reasons to love Auburn. We encourage each of you to give us as many reasons as you'd like, as to why you love Auburn. Come and join in the conversation.