The Legend of War Kitty

It was a cold, soggy, Pacific Northwest afternoon in Eugene, Oregon. The date was October 18th, 1920. The University of Oregon Webfoots were taking on their hated rivals, the Washington Fuskies at Hayward Field. Dwight French of Washington returned the opening kickoff for a Touchdown to give UW a 7-0 lead. Three Oregon fumbles and two interceptions later, the Fuskies led 17-0 at Halftime.

It was looking like another classic Oregon beatdown until ...

When the teams came back onto the field for the start of the 2nd Half, a black cat ran onto the field. No one is sure where this cat came from, or who owned it. It headed onto the Washington sideline, and the players and officials tried to capture the animal in order to re-start the game.

A Washington Quarterback chased the cat onto the gang-ridden streets of Eugene where the cat fled for his life. The crowd, not having anything to cheer for, started to chant "WAR KITTY, COME BACK!" The cat only ran faster, and was brutally killed by a Model T Ford, with Husky flags on it.

Washington kicked the ball off, and Oregon returned it to Washington's 14 yard line. The Ducks scored on the very next play to cut the lead to 10. The Ducks would then go on a 26-3 run, and defeat their rivals 33-20. Thus the legend of War Kitty was born.

From then until 1994, a black kitty led the Ducks out of the tunnel. But after the Ducks clinched a Rose Bowl berth in '94, the War Kitty was relieved of his duties. But come January 10th according to Ted Miller and AndyPanda, War Kitty will again lead the Ducks out of tunnel. Look out Auburn, WAR KITTY IS BACK!


We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!