Fear the Thumb!

Long time follower of Track 'Em Tigers but first time posting - willing to take tips and hints from the pros out there. Usually anything I can think of to add - someone else has also stated it in their post or comments. I want to thank the team from TET for all they do. TET is my first stop on the web to find out about Auburn football. The TET team does a great job of blending enthusiasm and reality in discussing our beloved Auburn Tigers and most postings are a good read and not filled with vitreal and hated like some sites (RBR). Thanks for keeping us informed and the opportunity to share our two cents. Now on to the real reason for the post.


Three topics for thought/discussion: 1) Tuscaloosa; 2) BCS Championships; 3) 2011 Season

1) Tuscaloosa - as an '83 alum, I can sure remember the days of playing at Legion Field - that neutral site we had to play at every year because The Bear said so. Although I was not there, I was glad to see the game played in '89 at Jordan-Hare. But if I am not mistaken, of all the games played in Tuscaloosa, our Auburn Tigers now own 5 wins (of the 6 games played) in T-Town (thus many post about how the bammers are afraid they will have to wear road uniforms at BDS in 2 years because we own that town!

2) BCS Championships - I do believe the SEC owns four-in-a-row for the BCS Championships, so not it is time for Oregon to Fear the Thumb! When our Tigers come home with the crystal football, that will be 5 in a row for the SEC. Although I know some haters out there don't want us to win because they are anti-Auburn (when they should be pulling for the conference), we still need to bring it home for us andn the conference.

3) 2011 - this is where I am afraid we must look at ourselves and ask should we fear the thumb. The five I fear in 2011 is a 5 loss season. This year has truly been AUsome and on top of an undefeated season, we have a great coaching staff coming back (all still in place, I think?) but are we set to be the Texas of 2011? With the number of Seniors and Pro prospects, our team will be greatly changed next year. And playing in the toughest division of the toughest conference, are we going to be able to pull our a good year or will we be struggling to make a bowl game?

Your thoughts? Love to see some analysis over the dry months following the bowls and recruiting to see how we might fare.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!