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Blessings To One And All

We take time out from football, the rivalries, and the pursuit of excellence on the field of play, to pass along this artistic masterpiece by Kathy Mattea. Please enjoy.

It's the time of year we celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

For Christians it is a celebration of our saviour being born on earth and a symbol of God's love for all mankind.
The overwhelming flood of emotions that this celebration accompanies is a very special gift from our father in heaven.

For the families of our troops who have sacrificed so much you are in our thoughts and prayers. For those who keep us from harm throughout the year, by putting yourself between us and the bad guys of this world, we pray for your continued safety.

To those weekend gladiators we love to cheer for, and who give each of us some respite from the troubles of our lives, we pray for your continued health, may you enjoy the fruits of your labors, and thank you for making our lives much more enjoyable.

To the readers of Track Em Tigers, we especially hope and pray that each one of you has a wonderful holiday season filled with love, peace, and happiness.

 May God bless each and every one of you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!