Who else thinks this one's in the bag?

We're playing Oregon, a team who has NO defense besides Cliff Harris and the Matthews kid. And come on, Lamichael James and Darron Thomas, please, Nick Fairley will be too much to handle for them. And Cam Newton, if some of the best defenses in the country looked silly against him, imagine what he will do to Oregon's defense. Well if you go over to the Oregon blog, they think they actually got a shot, hahaha. Oregon is an overrated team that is all glitz and glamor on the outside and they look all fancy and whatnot with their uniforms and big buildings, but on the field they're like an inferior Auburn. They try to run the spread like Gus and Gene but they can't. Come on. Oregon is like the Paris Hilton of the college football world, ya know. They don't deserve the recognition that they get, but they get it because they have a rich daddy buying them everything they want. Some of the things Phil Knight has done are getting very close to being NCAA violations.



 Cam's gonna have a field day

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