Tickets ... Am I crazy?

I have yet to see a BCS title game ticket go for under a grand on eBay or StubHub. Is this normal for BCS championship games? I'm willing to pay a premium, but $1000? Not yet anyway. I'm crazy for asking this, I know, but I'll do so anyway: Anyone know of a solid way to get tickets for less than one whole arm and one whole leg? I'm sure I'll end up buying at the stadium on the 10th, but if anyone has any tips for me ahead of that, I'm all ears. I have my plane ticket, my hotel room and a rental car -- just missing that all-important game ticket. I'm up here in frozen Minnesota, counting the minutes til kickoff. (Auburn fan-dom is a long story; was brainwashed by my grandparents (Auburn residents since '75) at a young age). I was in heaven at the Georgia game this year at Jordan-Hare, and I can't wait for the biggest of 'em all. I'll be in Glendale, either with a prepaid ticket, or swallowing hard and chasing scalpers. I've seen Super Bowl tickets go for face value and less, and I watched someone pay a few bucks for a Final Four ticket one year. Who knew Auburn vs. Oregon (exciting for us; not so much the east- and west-coast loving sports world) would be such a hard ticket? Maybe I just need to be patient. Thanks for all the cool posts here on this blog in the meantime to keep my excitement level up! War Eagle!

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!