Gus Malzahn Likely New Coach At Maryland-Updated***

I really hate to say this, but by now, this is not looking good for Auburn. I will say that nothing is concrete yet, but this was just posted on twitter...

SPORTSbyBROOKS RT @: heard from some that would likely be on Leach's staff at Maryland that Malzahn is close to landing it if he hasn't already.

Let's talk...

Looks like things might start to settle down a bit in this situation. here is a quote from the washington Post..

"The Post writes that, according to two sources, the interviews with Leach went well, but it was uncertain whether the head-coaching job was offered to the former Texas Tech coach. The Sun has been assured that Leach was not offered the job.

We can confirm that is indeed the case, although a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that “could and should” change before the weekend’s over. As for which candidate that offer would be extended to, the source would only acknowledge that Leach “appears to be the front-runner” right now".

The full story is HERE.

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