Are you interested in the Ducks? Yes, No, Maybe?

Hey guys, I'm a mod over at ATQ (Oregon Ducks Blog - and I thought I'd break the ice with you guys since we're all planning on getting to know each other very well over the coming weeks.  I think of this as our first conversation in what is going to become many over the coming weeks before we decide to go out on that first BCS National Championship date together.  Trust me, I'm as excited as you are of the potential for that first night together, but it may end horribly wrong too, so let's find out as much about each other as we can beforehand.  You know, I'll call late at night, you can slip me the note in first period, I'll ask Tim if he can ask Sarah if you are really interested in me.  You'll most probably check "Maybe" the first time, but we're definitely going on that date, you know it, I know it, our friends (SEC and Pac 10) know it.  So let's find out as much about each other as we can right now.

Here's what you need to know about the Oregon Ducks:

1.  I don't care what Lou Holtz says, it's pronounced Oar-gun.  Not Oar-EE-gone, or Oar-gone or Oar-ah-gone.  It's Oar-gun.  Don't worry you can laugh at all those Bama retards who pronounce it incorrectly over the years (especially those LSU nimrods when we kick their ass next year in Dallas), but make sure you get it right when you go to Glendale.

2.  Speaking of Holtz, all ESPN and media guys for that matter are a bunch of idiots.  Here's the list of ones off the top of my head: Lou Holtz, Mark May, Andrea Adelson, pretty much everyone at ESPN outside of Ivan Maisel and Ted Miller, and the worst of them all is John Canzano from the Oregonian.  Who should we ignore about Auburn?

3.  We only drink good beer.  You may be into quantity, but we are definitely into quality.  I'm not sure what the microbrew scene is like in Eastern Alabama, but in Oregon if you have to drive 3 miles to find a decent beer, you've missed a turn.  And if you can pronounce Oregon right, we're more than happy to hand you one at a tailgate in Glendale.

4.  It's the University of Oregon, not Oregon University.  So if you want the short-hand and don't want 18 people telling you, "we're not Oklahoma dumbass" write UO, or U of O and not OU.  We try not to associate with the Stoops too much.

5.  We won't bring up the SEC speed thing if you don't bring up the Pac 10 size thing.  We get it, for every pound you add, it slows you down a little.  And for every millisecond we're faster, the smaller we are.  Let's just agree that speed and size are going to play a role in this game, but neither you or I have the faintest idea how, and there are much better stats to bring up than your MLB's 40 time and our DT's weight... right?

6.  You're good and we're good.  Trust me, I'll probably make comments about how much better my team is than yours over the coming weeks, and I'm sure you're going to make comments about your team being better.  That doesn't mean I don't respect you for running the table in the SEC.  Bring on your arguments on why you're better, let's talk scheme, let's talk statistics, let's not talk about how you're not worthy of playing in this game.

7.  That being said, Nike is better than Under Armour, period.

8.  Off field issues are off limits and not relevant.  I'm saying this for both sides, Oregon and Auburn.  Anybody that wants to throw stones about "classy program" needs to know they live in a glass house.  I'll bash any Oregon fan that comes on here and says anything about Newton's eligibility issues if you do the same for anyone that talks about James or Masoli.  Those things are behind the team and us too.  This is about January 10th and not December 1st or March 11th.  Deal?

That's all I got for now.  I'm totally excited to even be in this position to be playing for the National Championship against the team I thought was the other best team in the country, the Auburn Tigers.  I'm looking forward to a great game and a lot of fun spirited conversation beforehand. 

So tell me what I need to know about Auburn.  Better yet, come on over to ATQ and make a post about what you think about the game.  You'll find a bunch of guys (and girls) that love college football as much as you do and are ready to debate the finer points of the game, or at least talk about beer.

Good luck and Go Ducks!!

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!