I have a Duck Problem

As some of you may know, I live in the Pacific Northwest. When I graduated from AU, I headed west and built a new life in Portland, OR. I thought it was kind of cute that Oregon and Oregon State had their "Civil War" but never felt the need to take a side in the rivalry. Anyway, fast forward ten years and I now live 200 miles north of Portland in western Washington. My boss is a huge Duck fan. He played there back in the 60's (fullback) and he may have played without a helmet for part of his time there. Not to get into too many more details about him but lets just say our main subject of conversation has pretty much always been football and now that our teams are to play for a championship, the trash talk has begun. I am looking for humorous suggestions of what I can use to drive him crazy.

He already got me real good today. He had help and I'll spare you the long version but basically, my personal cellphone went missing yesterday and it was "found" and returned to me today but the ring tone had been changed to a bunch of these yahoos quacking and yelling "GO DUCKIES!" I had to hand it to them, but doing that has, shall we say, expanded the possibilities of what I can do. If they were willing to take things that far, I want to match their intensity and one-up them if I can. I'm looking for anything creative or amusing but not obnoxious or anything that will get me fired.

All I have done so far was drawn #1 AUBURN! in the dirt on his van window and then put up a CAM NEWTON 4 HEISMAN sign in his parking space. I know I can do better than that and I also have an ally who is sort of a double agent who is willing to help out with whatever will cause the most chaos and amusement. This is all about having fun, so if any of you, even the Duck visitors want to help me instigate some good natured mayhem, I will be happy to keep everyone updated as to how this little chess match unfolds.

We're all just trying to have a good time here. Don't be a jerk, and we won't have a problem with you. War Eagle!