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Mindless Posting


Nothing like looking in the Sports Pages for Auburn Football news and finding not one thing… I love the off season.  Read the blogs and you get crap like Saban has more friends than God and who will lead Auburn in rushing next season.  Really?  I know that in the off season is difficult to find material, but in my view of things writers would be better off not writing at all.  I know that they are earning a salary and have to post something but give me a break.  When Finebaum  is writing decent things about Auburn, you know something is up.  I have to say decent because I am trying to take a positive look at his article. 

We at TET are not paid and I know that Jay, Acid, and WEA do their very best to post something worth while.  Even if it is about our troubles on the basketball court or baseball diamond.  I am of the other side… if I don’t really have anything decent to post, I don’t.  Sort of like this piece… (laughing). 

I will throw some info nuggets in.  Looking at Auburns schedule in 2010 the Tigers have a good shot at 10 wins (with a bowl win).  For those who do not know the schedule is listed below.  And yes I am aware that Auburn has no starting QB yet.

Arkansas St  @Miss St  Clemson  South Carolina  LA Monroe  @Kentucky  Arkansas  LSU  @Ole Miss  Chattanooga  Georgia  @Alabama

Barring major injuries or some other catastrophe it looks like three sure wins, five likely wins, three coin flippers and a loss.  Like West Virginia was last season, the Clemson game will be a season maker.  Win that game and the Tigers should be bowl eligible.  A better Arkansas squad and a resurgent LSU team back to back will be tough, as will the usual UGA and more than likely preseason number one Alabama.   

So really, do you think it is interesting that Saban has more friends than God, and that some writers are asking the fans who will lead Auburn in X category next season?  I don’t… check back with me just prior to spring practice. 


War Damn Eagle