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National Signing Day

With National Signing Day upon us I thought I would give you a quick rundown of my thoughts regarding Auburn’s possible class.  First and foremost…War Eagle, Coaches and staff, you guys have done a remarkable job.  Never before has Auburn been talked about this much on a national scale when it comes to recruiting.  Tuberville had some good years, but nothing like this.  It is awesome to hear that some of the best players in the nation are considering Auburn, much less becoming a Tiger.  I think that we will end up in the top 5 in recruiting, Auburn could be better but we will need a little help with a sleeper.

Auburn has seemed to have a sleeper in the last few recruiting classes.  Last year was DeAngelo Benton.  I do not know one person or publication that saw that one coming.  It was a great surprise and hopefully we have another one in store today.

Jeffery Whitiker was a huge pick up for the Tigers on Monday.  He is the real deal and could see immediate playing time.  Bryan Jones would be a great addition as well, but I see him going to Arkansas.  Shon Coleman is just "out there" no one knows what he is going to do.  He was an Auburn lock after visiting two weeks ago.  He then went to vist Bama and Miami.  Latest news is that he is a Bama commit now.  I will only give Auburn a 30% chance on landing big Shon, although we need him more than any of the other teams.  He is a great prospect for the offensive line… and we all know Auburn needs future help there.  DJ Howard is more than likely going to end up at Kentucky since they are still recruiting him as a RB.  Auburn has listed him as an ATH, which screams defensive back or linebacker.  DJ has said on many occasions he wants to play running back. 

Auburn appears to be set at the running back position, especially if the Tigers can land Marcus Lattimore.  We will know tonight, as he plans to announce his plans at a press conference and his church.  I personally think that he is going to end up at S Carolina.  Why?  I have no idea… Auburn is running back U.  I can only guess it is for immediate playing time, and it is his home state.  That seems to be a huge factor to kids theses days.

Land all of these guys and Auburn could be in the top 3, but that is a long shot.  I say we get our fair share and a sleeper and that keeps us in the top 5.  A great class no doubt, now to see if they all turn into players.  Stay Tuned.


War Damn Eagle

**side note** Last year I was here all day updating the latest news on NSD.  Not to be this season, unfortunately life/work has taken me away from the computer.  Please feel free to comment and post updated news as it breaks.