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Secret Confessions

I'll always be a big Tommy Tuberville supporter.

Good Monday to you. Today I'm going to do something a little different. I got this idea from a thread on another Auburn message board. Its title, Secret Confessions fits perfectly; so we'll keep it the same here. Basically, it's a chance to share things we often think, but never say in regards to Auburn and college football.  I hope you'll join in.  Here goes my list...

  • I rarely pull for other SEC schools in bowl games unless it's Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Miss State or South Carolina. I just can't see any good in pulling for a competitor.
  • I still really like and respect Tommy Tuberville. I hope he's a huge success at Texas Tech. I don't understand why so many Auburn fans have turned against him.  You see it on message boards daily. 
  • Pat Dye will always be my coach.
  • I'm really pulling for Derek Dooley at Tennessee. I know Vince Dooley will forever be associated with Georgia, but he's still an Auburn man and I wish his son the best.
  • I like Steve Spurrier now.  I hated him during the 1990's, but there's something about him losing consistently that makes me like him more today.
  • I'm still nostalgic about the 1980's. In my mind, those Dye coached teams will always be the best in Auburn history. I'm convinced the 1983 team could beat the 2004 undefeated team by a touchdown. It may not be close to true, but I believe it.
  • I still side with David Housel over the 2003 Jetgate incident. He made the wrong decision to get on the plane, but I completely understand why he did it. I worked with him while I was a student and know his character. There's more to the story than meets the eye.
  • Eight seasons later, I still miss Jim Fyffe. There's not a start to the season that I don't pause to think about him.
  • If Auburn's not playing in a BCS bowl, my favorite destination is the Chick-fil-A bowl in Atlanta. It has everything you could want - close proximity, indoors, good opponents and plenty to do in town.
  • I enjoy Auburn baseball more than Tiger basketball.  There's something unique and special about sitting at Plainsman Park on a spring afternoon.
  • I really wish they'd bring the orange facemasks back.
  • I don't trust SEC commissioner Mike Slive to protect Auburn's best interest.
  • For all my criticism of athletic director Jay Jacobs, the hiring of Gene Chizik was a masterstroke. He showed us all.
  • I still get chills when the Auburn band comes running out on the field for pregame festivities.
  • Tenda Chick is hands down the best restaurant in Auburn. Call me simple.
  • I miss J.F. Fingers.
  • I love Toomer's Drug, but I've had better lemonade.  Don't shoot me.
  • Tiger Rags has the best prices; J&M the friendliest staff; and Anders is just not the same since the family sold the store. Big Blue has potential, but they are ridiculously expensive - even by college bookstore standards.
  • Paul Ellen is the best radio studio host in America.
  • Ralph Jordan Jr. is the finest ambassador Auburn has at its disposal. It's a mystery why they don't use him more. Talk to him for five minutes and you'll feel like you've known him a lifetime.
  • I worry about the trees at Toomer's Corner. I hope they are around for my great-grandchildren.
  • Women just look better dressed in orange and blue.
  • Now that I'm in my forties, the coeds look more like young girls. How depressing.
  • I'm excited about the new basketball arena, but I really wished they'd spent that money on Jordan-Hare Stadium.  I'm just saying...
  • There's nothing better and more fun than a road win at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge - except of course, Bryant Denny Stadium.
  • I love seeing rednecks walk around in Alabama attire.  It makes my day.
  • I love those baby blue UCLA uniforms.
  • I loved Herschel Walker when I was a kid.
  • I really like listening to Verne Lundquist during CBS college football telecasts.
  • ESPN's Wendi Nix is really hot in those reading glasses. Call me old.
  • Phillip Marshall and Mark Murphy are my two favorite Auburn writers.
  • I still miss The Joe Cribb's Car Wash... the blog.
  • I don't understand people who like Stephen A. Smith.
  • I hated playing games at Legion Field, but I do miss the Tide-Tiger bar on game day.
  • I miss the stadium announcer saying, "Here come the Tigers" over the PA as the team takes the field.
  • I broke into Jordan-Hare Stadium with friends the night before graduation and had a 12-pack of Milwaukee's Best on the 50-yard line. To this day, it's the best beer I've ever had in my life.

    I could go on for days.  It's your turn now...