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Spring Ball Starts Today

Auburn heads into spring practice on Wednesday and I have to tell you I feel better than I did one year ago.  Last year no one had any idea who was going to be the Quarterback, but I would have bet my house on the fact that it would not be Chris Todd.  As well all know he was the starter and played well most of the season.  Good thing I did not place that bet.

This season, I would imagine everyone (including me) assumes that Cam Newton is the man to run the show.  Everyone else is playing for the number two spot.  The biggest question mark is whether Tyrik Rollison is going to be with the team or not.  I am guessing not.  Cam has talent there is little doubt about that, but can he master the Gus Bus?  Having the veteran offensive line should make the new QB feel secure though.

The running back position should be fine as well.  Losing Ben Tate is a big deal, but with all the backs that Auburn has, some one will surely step up.  The preseason leader is Mario Fannin, but I like him at the H Back position.  If he moves to running back, we have to assume that Lutzenkirchen and/or one of the WRs will fill that H Back spot.  Also with his move to running back, he needs to work on holding on to the ball.  Too many fumbles from Mario last season.

We have plenty of playmakers at Wide Receiver as well.  Maybe Emory Blake and DeAngelo Benton will be better prepared this season.  Neither one could run a crisp route last season.  With Adams and Zachery getting most of the looks last season, expect at least one of them to be blanketed most of the season.  Unfortunately, I don’t see Kodi seeing too much WR playing time.  He was not much more than a warm body in the receiving department last season.  Cam Newton is able to move, so the wildcat (with Kodi) should not be needed as much.

The thing that I am most interested in seeing is what Ted Roof does with the defense.  Our defense was decimated by injuries last season.  Most of those guys will be back and ready in the spring.  The move of Bates to Linebacker is a good one in my opinion.  Put the talent on the field and let them make plays.  Auburn gave up a ton of yards and points last season.  Roof will have to get that under control if he wants to keep his job on the Plains. 

How do you feel coming into the start of Spring Practice?

War Damn Eagle