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Ben Tate Impressive at the Combine



I was at home yesterday because workers were at the house, so I got to watch a bit of ESPN.  Of course the talking heads did not talk about Ben Tate at all.  But at least they had his info scrolling on the ticker.  I was pretty impressed. His stats are below:


Speed 4.43 - finished 3rd behind Spiller and Best

Broad Jump 10’4" – Tops among RBs

Vertical 40.5" – Second behind Hardesty

Bench Press 26 reps - Tops among RBs

Cones – 6.91 finished 6th (about average and still ahead of Gerhart)

Shuttle 4.12 second among RBs behind McCluster


For some reason no one talked about him.  I don’t get it.  They are still calling him a late second to more than likely a third rounder.  Oh well.  Fight on Ben, and War Eagle