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Cup Caking

We all know about the Auburn vs UCLA debacle, and some might say that is the only thing that Jay Jacobs has done wrong in his short tenure as Athletic Director.  But with the news of Bama playing Texas Tech to open the 2012 season, it just shows you that these matchups cannot be passed up on.

Bama opened with Clemson and followed that up with opening with Virginia Tech.  Both were marquis matchups and literally propelled the Tide onto the national stage again.  Will Auburn ever have the ability to pull this sort of thing again?  The Tigers have only done it twice (well technically three times).  The USC home and home, and the Kansas State game in 2007.

Auburn needs to stop all this cupcaking and get onboard with playing the best teams and getting the national exposure.  You would think that Auburn officials would have learned something from the 2004 team.   In my opinion it does not have to be on opening weekend, but it sure helps.  Playing West Virginia in a home and home, and Clemson the same way is great, but that opening weekend is the key. 

So lets get those minds churning football fans.  Who should Auburn target to play.  Who should the CFA kickoff game be in 2012 (since Bama vs TT is in Dallas).  Auburn vs Oregon?  Cal?  How about Notre Dame?  They are all about neutral site games.

What are your thoughts?

 War Damn Eagle