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Decent Article on AU??

Ole Paul is up to it again, although this time he is speaking favorably about the Tigers.  He says that Auburn will go 9-3 in the regular season, and he could be right.  Although his choices of loses is interesting to me.  Only time will tell the tale of the 2010 version of Auburn.

With A-Day this weekend, do you think that the Coaches will name Newton the starter on Monday?  It is obvious that he is getting the hardest look.  He gets more reps in practice, and they are with the first team.  Why not just come out and say it.  The last thing we need is another 2008, with everyone guessing.  At least last season they came out and named Todd the starter fairly early.  Please just name the starter.  I find it hard to believe that the coaches do not already know.  Lets not have the same issue that UGA is going through at the moment.  Read it here.

I will not be in attendance at this years A-Day.  Last year was a traffic nightmare and I planned on meeting too many folks in the promised land.  So I did not get to hang out with the TET crew.  Is there a get together planned this year?  If not, feel free to use this post as a starting point.  

War Damn Eagle