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My A-Day Bit


Well I will keep this short and sweet mainly due to the fact that Acid broke it down very well.  Another reason is that almost every post is about this same thing, and our loyal members of TET all have brains and can see it all for themselves. 


First and foremost, most people either did not notice or did not care but the larger AU on the helmet really bothers me.  We should not be going down the same road as most other schools.  The small AU is classic.  It is the same logo that Sullivan, Beasley, Lil Train, Bo, Fullwood, Rocker, both Campbells, Rogers, Caddy, Ronnie and others have worn.  It is fine, do not let Under Armor try and change things.  The tweaks to jerseys are not a big deal.  The helmet or total jersey redesign or color changes are another story.


To the players.  If Cam Newton is not the starter I will be shocked.  But Trotter did an outstanding job.  He made the right reads and has a much stronger arm than I thought.  He had good pocket presence and had good footwork moving around the backfield.  I still think that Cam is the starter.  I think that the coaches know but they are just buying time for him to learn the playbook.  I feel sorry for Caudle.  It appears that he cannot get over the injury and turnover bugs.


Mario Fannin is the starting tailback, but we will see plenty of McCalebb and Dyer.  Fannin will not be able to stand up to the constant beating that a full time tailback takes.  I have a weird feeling that Dyer will be the featured back later in the season.


Televised spring games are dumb.  Don’t get me wrong I was pumped when I found out that ESPNU was going to have the game on live.  But now that it has happened, I think it was nothing but a huge letdown.  The only thing it allowed me to do was see the game (this season).  With a young child I could not make the trip… but watching it on TV was hard to do.  The coaches showed us nothing.  We would have been better off leaving most of the starters off the field all together.  Let the walk ons and third teamers have all the fun. 


Just my take and War Damn Eagle.