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Tiger Prowl 2.0

Tiger Prowl version 2.0 hit the pavement Monday in Mobile and will be in Birmingham on Wednesday. While I think what Chizik and the boys are doing is fantastic, I am even more impressed that Auburn has turned it into a multi-use road trip. Tigers Unlimited is there along with Coach Barbee of the Basketball team. Why do I bring this up, you say?

Team building of course. Coach Barbee and the basketball team can use all the help they can get on the recruiting front. Tigers Unlimited needs to collect more money from other sources so our rights to acquire season tickets do not keep climbing. But most importantly is team building within the Auburn Family. Having Troop and Lupe talking to the fans as well as sharing their experiences on the recruiting trail with Barbee can prove to be invaluable. Not to mentions showing Barbee the "hot spots" in the state.

Another underestimated (in my opinion) pro to the Tiger Prowl version 1.0 was the bonding of the coaches. Do you remember the first video of the coaches stepping out of the white limo last year? Having Trooper and Luper standing with Roof and Malzahn, looked quite awkward. It was like they did not know what to say to each other. You do not see that now. Personally I think that having the new staff all being in a limo for hours on end allowed them to talk about themselves and ball in a relaxed setting with little to no pressure.  I can only imagine that 2.0 will only enhance the experience of the coaching staffs. And they will have a bit more room if they are on the bus. 

Hopefully 2.0 has the same impact of the earlier version, which will land us in the top 10 of the recruiting next season as well.

If the bus makes it to your city, you need to check it out.  It looks quite cool and like a good time.

War Damn Eagle