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Spring Practice Is A Snoozer

Raise your hand if this year's Auburn spring practice has you excited about football season. I'll assume those of you with your hands still up get excited about football even during your annual rectal exam. God love you.

I guess we can chalk it up as a sign of the times, but closing spring practice to fans and media has taken all the excitement out of spring football. Want to close practice the week of the Georgia game? No problem. Iron Bowl week? Absolutely. But closing it in April? That's just plain silly.

The news out of Auburn the past few weeks has been all but none existent. Besides getting a daily dose of coach speech, fans have no clue what progress is being made on the field. For all we know, Barrett Trotter may be the comeback kid and Lee Ziemba may finally have learned not to hold.

You have to give credit to offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. As brilliant as he is running an offense, he may be even smarter when it comes to taking questions from the media. He's been interviewed daily for two weeks about the quarterback situation and has yet to say anything. If I'm President Obama, I've got him on my short list to be the next White House press secretary. This guy has skills.

It's easy to point fingers and blame Gene Chizik for this iron curtain around the practice facility; but the truth is, it's happening all over. Schools are locking down all across the country. Why is this happening now? Can a rival really gain a competitive advantage over a program in March?

At least let the media in to watch.

Could there be anything worse than being an Auburn beat writer this time of year? Reading the coverage from Saturday's scrimmage is like piecing together a crime scene. One player says this about the quarterbacks; another says something different. Who do you believe? After a few minutes of reading, you realize how stupid this exercise is and you just give up.

I guess all our questions will be answered in two weeks at A-Day. By the way, it's being nationally televised by ESPNU.

Go figure.