Question about Student Tickets


I didn't know where else to ask this. Yes, I am a Bama fan. Yes, I'm enrolled (distance learning) at Auburn (since Tuscaloosa doesn't offer what I need). If I order the student ticket package + the Alabama game, what is the protocol for getting rid of the extra tickets I don't need? Is it possible to sell student tickets to another student who would actually enjoy the games? Or are the tickets tied only to me? A little bit of background - I was a joint Alabama/Auburn fan for all of 2 weeks. Then the financial aid office lost my wife's scholarship information (twice) and FAFSA information (once). They then reallocated her scholarship to someone else "on accident." I went up to the Financial Aid office, my heart rate rose (over 250 BPM), and I passed out. In the hospital, they slowed my heart back down and fixed the atrial fibrillation at a later date at UAB. I have despised Auburn (particularly the Financial Aid office) ever since, but have many many friends there and respect the teachers and educational aspect of the institution. War *vomit* Eagle, and thanks in advance for any help. Feel free to flame me for being one of *those* fans. I find most of the flames here and on rollbamaroll facetious and in good, clean fun.

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