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Leadership - Good to Great

It's a given that leadership is the key to any successful business. Leadership is also the driving force of nations. A good leader keeps things moving ahead, a poor leader tears things apart and leaves them in shambles. A great leader however, can make all the difference needed to take a company, a nation, or a football team from "Good to Great"

Auburn is blessed to have 24 returning seniors on the football field in 2010. The returning seniors have been through the gauntlet of high expectations, and failed attempts at greatness.

Think for a moment what these young men, the "old" guys on the team have had to endure. Recruited by a successful coaching staff, that had been in place for years mind you, only to see the disaster of the 2008 season unfold.

They lived through the most tumultuous year of Auburn football in over three decades, suffered the coaching search with baited breath, not knowing what lay in store for each of them. Then when their new leader was named, saw the Auburn family torn apart over the hiring of Gene Chizik.

How many of you could deal with these kinds of events happening in your work environment? It would not be pleasant, to say the least.

This year, the senior class of Auburn football players has earned the right to hold their collective heads up high and look brightly toward the future.

Alas that is not what is happening. They have their nose to the grindstone if you will. The weight room is a buzz. The summer workouts are filled with enthusiasm and hard work. The film room is being used by, more than just the quarterbacks. It's everybody on board.

 These fine young men have set goals for themselves, and their teammates. Lofty expectations, championships!

Last season the Auburn football team was better than expected by some, by any standard they were good. Thus, this senior class has a motto "Good to Great".