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Now It's Time To Say Goodbye


The secret to success in sports is keeping the team together over a long period of time where working together as a unit becomes second nature. We've certainly had that here at Track'em Tigers over the past three years. Along with War Eagle Atlanta, War Damn Zach and Acid Reign, our team here at TET has stayed together far longer than most blogs survive.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. You probably have noticed in recent weeks the absence of War Damn Zach. His Wednesday columns have become classics over the years. The best thing about Zach's writing is his willingness to pull no punches. He always tells it like it is - good or bad. That's what separates blogs from other forms of media. With blogs, you get an honesty that you can't find anywhere else.

For Zach, real life has started getting in the way of his hobby. With a new child and job duties, he's finding less time to write. We've all been there. Last week, he finally made the tough decision to step away. I told him he was doing it for all the right reasons. I know you'll agree.

I can't put into words the appreciation I have for all Zach's done here at TET. Writing here is a whole lot of fun, and at times a whole lot of work. There are days when you just don't feel like writing. All of us have battled through long work days; event filled nights and then found ourselves sitting at a computer after midnight trying to come up with thoughtful words.

Zach, on behalf of everyone here I say thank you. You will certainly be missed. And like I said last week, the door is always open for you to return. I'll end this post like Zach has done so many over the years...

War Damn Eagle!