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Auburn's Other Tigers-Volleyball

It's the dead season for football fans. That doesn't mean that we can't try to keep up with the many other Auburn student athletes, the sports they participate in, and maybe get to know them, if only a little better.

lead photo

Don't be intimidated, They are all Tigers! *** picture is from official Auburn website.

This week let's get to know the Ladies Volleyball Team.

The ladies truly represent a world class image with some members from California, Washington, and even one from Bulgaria. The team roster can be found here.

While these lovely ladies may be a feast for the eyes in the picture above, don't let that fool you. These Tigers can play! They recently returned home after being on a tour in Italy. They have been racking up the victories, winning an elite tournament along the way.

Auburn opens the Volleyball season on August 27th at home in the War Eagle Invitational. What a great name huh?

They begin SEC play Sept. 17th and continue through November 22 this fall, so if you get a chance please go by and see them in action.

Auburn athletics is more than the big three. As college athletics should be, they are funded by the big dog, football. These fine young men and women represent this university well, and many go unnoticed. If you happen to see a member of Auburn's many Olympic sports teams, stop and say War Eagle! I bet you get that wonderful greeting shot back at you, with a big smile!