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Tommy Tuberville Field House?

Back in Tommy Tuberville's heyday, most believed he'd pass Pat Dye to become second on Auburn's all-time win list behind Shug Jordan. That naturally led to speculation as to how Auburn would honor him when his coaching days ended. With Jordan's name on the Stadium and Dye's attached to the field, many fans wondered aloud how the school could properly salute him.

Of course that all went down the drain with his dismissal in 2008. A national championship (by Alabama standards) in 2004 and six straight victories over the Tide deserves something. Right? Why not put his name on the new indoor practice facility set to open next year? How fitting would it be for Jacobs to honor his decade long nemesis with the facility the two fought over for most of their time together?

OK, I can't keep a straight face on this one. You have to admit though, it's funny to imagine The Tommy Tuberville Field House ribbon cutting ceremony with those two standing side-by-side.