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Shoud We Use The Term "Arms Race" For College Football ?


With all the recent media and internet chatter about a football arms race, new fodder has now been added to the debate by

According to a study released by Brett McMurphy of FanHouse, two of the top four schools in the country in spending for football programs are from the same state. Want to take a guess on which two? ... That's right, Auburn and Alabama are those two schools.

Ohio State was number one on the list, spending $ 32.3 million on football followed by number two Auburn at $28.8 million. Number four Alabama at $ 26.44 million followed the number three school Iowa, which spent $ 26.9 million. The figures come from the United States Department of Education Equity in Athletics report. The year 2008 - 2009 is apparently the latest figures available.

Rounding out the top ten are Tennessee at $ 22.96 million, Florida at $ 22.86 million, LSU at $ 22.74 million, and Wisconsin at $ 22.71 million, Texas at $ 22.56 million, and the University of Southern California at $ 21.31 million.  We should note that Texas was number one in total revenue generated from football at $ 87.5 million. Apparently things are still bigger in Texas.

When one reviews the charts in McMurphy's study, it's easy to see that the top schools all spend more than $ 20 million a year on their football programs. Yep, looks like Jay Coulter was right when he cited former Auburn AD David Housel's quote that competition in college football is " an Arms Race. "