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What We Really Need

All this talk of stadium expansion has really got me irritated. It's bad enough that sidewalk Saturday fans blow and spew their half educated junk, but when paid professionals practice it regularly, I get hopping mad!

Paid Professionals, Ha! The term gives me the shivers. When you talk about the sports writers of this state for the most part they are very professional, and deserving gentlemen. The exceptions to that are enough to give the whole gang of them a bad reputation.

Take for instance this diatribe...

I can handle the fact that Alabama got a leg up on us in recruiting for a few years. I can even rationalize Auburn not winning every single time against "Bama. But for a writer who gets paid, to print such a one sided, love fest of an article just isn't responsible. And it certainly isn't professional.

Just for the record, I get paid handsomely by your comments, good or bad. No, I don't receive money for writing. Heck half of my writing wouldn't even make good bird cage liner. The fact is I am an Auburn fan, writing on an Auburn blog. Yes I am one sided, yes I am a homer!

I am proud to be associated with such a fine group of guys here at Track 'Em Tigers. That includes all who read our blog, whether you comment or not, whether you join or not.

I am not at all saying anything negative against The University of Alabama, nor it's decision to expand their stadium. On the contrary, I would do the same thing in their shoes.

Not that anyone at Auburn has asked my opinion, I believe we needed that nice new basketball arena, and Plainsman Park looks very nice. Auburn's money is being well spent, and no matter what anybody else thinks, including me, Auburn will continue to make the right decisions when they need to be made.


I was originally going to do this piece on recruiting, then I got so PO'd, I just had to rant. Anyway, theses guys do such a great job on the recruiting news front, I thought I would just link to them. They do a great job with their site, and since they are Auburn family, take the time to visit. You can come back here and comment if you wish, we would love to hear from you.