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Where I Come From: My Most Memorable Auburn Moments

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Regardless of what kind of recreational drugs you've done in your past - and it's my hope that you've done none - it's doubtful that you've ever experienced a high quite like you have following a big Auburn win. Take a second and think back to those most magical of moments when Auburn made a play that solidified a big win. Think about how you felt.

Outside of the birth of your children there's never been a better feeling. When I say this, my wife always scolds me and asks about my wedding day. Had my wedding day felt as good as some of those wins, I would be on my fifth or sixth wedding by now, but I digress.

What are your top ten most memorable Auburn moments? What play or victory got you so excited that you thought your heart would explode inside your chest? What win made you feel that life couldn't get any better? Fortunately for Auburn fans, there's been plenty. Narrowing it down to 10 is nearly impossible.

Below are my ten. I'm sure I've missed some good ones. I hope you'll share your favorite moments with all of us. Here goes...

1. Bo Over The Top (1982) Bo Jackson crossing the goal line to give Auburn its first win over Alabama in a decade tops the list. I was living in Europe at the time and can remember sitting in my room on a Saturday night listening to Jim Fyffe and Pat Sullivan on Armed Forces Radio. I ran out into the foyer of our apartment building and screamed to the top of my lungs. My mother screamed back at me. I didn't care, It was the happiest moment of my life up until that point.

2. First Time Ever (1989) There was no single moment in this special day. The entire game was a surreal moment. Knocking off second-ranked Alabama in their first visit to Jordan-Hare Stadium was beyond special. Being a student, sitting in the Auburn student section made it all the more special.

3. "11-0, 11-0, 11-0" (1993) Sitting in Jordan-Hare Stadium the day Auburn clinched its first perfect season since 1957 with a win over Alabama was quite a moment. I can still hear Jim Fyffe screaming, "11-0, 11-0, 11-0" through my earphones. Most poignant was the sight of former Auburn coach Pat Dye joining current head coach Terry Bowden at the center of the field and exchanging hugs. Dye stepped down a year earlier and was responsible for most of the players on that field.

4. Courtney Taylor Touchdown Catch (2004) There have been big plays throughout Auburn's history, but perhaps the biggest was Auburn wide receiver Courtney Taylor's game winning catch against fifth-ranked LSU in 2004. Auburn missed the first extra point; but because of a penalty on the LSU defense, the Tigers got another shot and made good on it, giving Auburn a 10-9 win. The enormous victory helped send Auburn on its way to a perfect season.

5. Ed Scissum Fumble/Jared Holmes Kick (1997) If there was ever a game where a team grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory, this was it. With only seconds on the clock, all Alabama had to do was run the clock out by keeping the ball on the ground. Instead they chose to throw it - to Ed Scissum, who was hit by Martavius Houston and fumbled the ball on the Auburn 33 yard line. A few plays later, Jared Holmes kicked the game winner, giving Auburn an 18-17 improbable win over its dumb cross-state rivals. The goal post was carried out of the stadium by the Auburn students following the win.  I have a piece of it on my mantel to this day.

6. Al Del Greco Sugar Bowl Kick (1984) When Auburn kicker Al Del Greco hit a 19 yard field goal with seconds remaining to give the Tigers a 9-7 win over Michigan at the Sugar Bowl, it was a moment of ecstasy and relief. The magical run of 1983 was complete. Auburn was Sugar Bowl Champions! To make things even better, Miami was giving top-ranked Nebraska all it could handle down at the Orange Bowl. Even with the snub by voters, that January night in New Orleans will always be special. The lasting image of the game will always be Bo Jackson handing over his MVP trophy to senior Lionel James.

7. Reverse To Victory (1986) Auburn's final drive of the 1986 regular season will go down as one of the most memorable. With running back Brent Fullwood doing much of the heavy lifting, Lawyer Tillman took a handoff from Jeff Burger and scored from seven yards out with 32 seconds to play, to give Auburn a 21-17 win over Alabama. The call was intended for someone else. Nevertheless, Tillman never blinked and dove into the end zone for the win. The video of Dye and Pat Sullivan jumping up and down on the sidelines will forever be remembered.

8. Frank Sanders Catch Against Florida (1994) Riding a 17-game winning streak to Gainesville to face top-ranked Florida, few people gave Terry Bowden's sixth-ranked Tigers a chance at The Swamp. In a back-and-forth battle that raged on for 60 minutes, Frank Sanders catch in the corner of the end zone to give Auburn the lead for good will go down as one of the biggest plays in Auburn history.

9. Down Goes Florida (2001) Despite losing to the Gators twice in 2000, including the SEC Championship game, Auburn was not intimidated when Florida made a return visit the following season. The Gators came into Jordan-Hare Stadium ranked number one in the country and left there 23-20 losers to unranked Auburn. Damon Duvall delivered on a 44 yard field goal to seal the deal for the Tigers. It was perhaps the most unexpected victory in Auburn history.

10. Tebow Is Tamed (2007) Unranked Auburn went to The Swamp an afterthought in the minds of Gator fans. Sixty minutes later, Tim Tebow left with his second consecutive loss to Auburn. The defending national champions never found an answer for the Auburn offense. Wes Byrum famously kicked the winning field goal twice, defeating the Gators 20-17.

There they are... my ten most memorable Auburn football moments in order. Undoubtedly yours will be different. I was too young to remember Punt Bama Punt. It would have to rank at the very top for those of you old enough to remember. 

How would you rank them? I hope you'll share with us.