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Track Em Tigers CFB Pick Em Contest



Now is the time to register for our second annual pick 'em contest sponsored by Yahoo. It's free to the first 50 contestants. Register now at Yahoo. You'll need to set up a Yahoo email account if you don't already have one, but you will be allowed to choose the moniker you'd like to go by. If you're a regular poster on TET, it might be great to use that name, but not required.

The Group ID# you will need: 18054  The password: auburn10   Picks will be on Top 25 games each week against the spread, not straight up. Picks usually show up on Mondays and include the current rankings of teams and of course the spread. Tie-breakers are in effect as well. Picks can be changed for each game 5 minutes prior to kickoff. Also, in addition to accommodate any late comers to the party, like last year, we will knock out your two lowest week scores and a champion will be crowned for the regular season.

Email me with any questions are concerned as I am the commissioner of our league. You don't need to be an Auburn fan to participate. Leaders will be announced every week. Everybody have fun tonight and everybody Wang Chung.