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A Case For More Than One

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For any team in any sport to succeed many things must be accomplished. The perfect group of team players must be assembled. Then they must be coached toward that success.

Practices, and personal time needs to be directed only toward team goals, and injuries must be avoided. Many teams try and fail each year to be successful in their sport, only to reach the conclusion that success, next year will be ours!

This year our Tigers are marching toward a goal very few have achieved.

The conventional thinking is, that a football team has to have an experienced quarterback to have any chance to succeed at the national level.

Since Auburn does not have an experienced starting quarterback this upcoming season, it remains to be seen whether or not this year's Tigers can break the mold.

Let's have a look at the Players at the QB position this year and see if we can draw any conclusions.

First, let's start with Cameron Newton. Named this year's starter, he will be held responsible for leading the "Malzahnian" nightmare that is the Auburn offense. The best way to describe Cameron Newton's major college experience is "limited" at best.

Cam played at Florida in 2008 going 1 for 2 with 14 yards. And then transferred to Blinn Community College in Brenham, TX. While there he led his team to the NJCC title going 11 of 25 for 111 yards. with an INT. and rushing for a TD in the championship game.

Now at first glance these numbers don't scream out with athletic prowess, but read this article written just after the Championship game and pay close attention to what his coach says about his ability. He's a winner. Make no mistake about it.

Just in case you find yourself thinking Auburn only has one good QB, think again. In limited playing time during his career, Neil Caudle has gone 19 of 28 for 202 yards. With 2 INT's and a 67.8 completion percentage. He has also spent the last three years as an All-SEC Academic Honor Roll recipient. Last season Neil worked in limited duty behind the resurgent Chris Todd. Leading the offense against LSU, Neil took the Tigers the distance and scored the only touchdown for Auburn in the contest. A beautifully run drive that ended in a pass to Phillip Lutzenkirchen.

This spring it became apparent that Auburn was loaded with QB talent. While all four of these young men were receiving praise from the coaching staff and players alike. With Barrett Trotter and Clint Moseley in their second year of learning Gus Malzahn's offense, they have the knowledge and lack experience. Something Coach Malzahn has proved in the past that he can work with.

Don't forget that Auburn has a luxury this year that very few teams ever enjoy. 4 quality quarterbacks! Coach Chizik has expressed many times that Auburn has more than capable backup at the QB position. The fact is that "any one of these young men could lead this team". A very comforting thought indeed.