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For Whom the Cowbell Tolls!

It tolls for you, Bulldogs!
Auburn at Mississippi State, open thread.


     War Eagle, everybody! Can you believe it's gameday once again? Tonight, the Auburn Tigers will take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Starkville, on ESPN national television. Much ado has been made over the new SEC rules allowing Cowbells into Scott Field, and the guidelines outlawing ringing during actual gameplay. Whether fans obey the rules or not, the more pertinent question is "can either team slow the other one down?" Auburn and Mississippi State combined for more than 100 points and 1200 yards in their respective season openers last Saturday. Stops will be very important tonight.

     The weather for this matchup will be more typical of an early season SEC game: hot and muggy. It will be partly cloudy, with a slight chance of a shower or two, perhaps some remnant of Tropical Storm Hermine. It should be in the upper 80s at the dusk kickoff, falling to about 80 in the 4th quarter.

     We'll be here tonight, watching on TV and spouting our opinions! As always, feel free to drop by and chime in! We welcome your input. Track Em Tigers, and beat those Bulldogs!