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Still Looking for Tickets to the BCS Championship?


Still thinking about heading to Glendale for the BCS Championship? I've got a site that may help you. Frankly, it's about the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. The company is and they are partnering with SB Nation to provide a one stop shop for Auburn fans looking for championship game tickets. TiqIQ's technology searches some of the top ticket brokers in the country and makes them available to you in one place.

The functionality is cool, but it's hardly what sets apart from other similar ticket sites. Here's what makes them different: you can literally take your mouse and hover above a ticket for sale in a particular section of University of Phoenix Stadium and it provides historical purchase data for that section.

For example, there's a ticket available for next Monday's game in section 200 being sold by TicketsNow. By taking your mouse and hovering above the "IQ" icon next to the price, it provides you with information about what the going ticket price for that section was in early December versus now.

Priced at $875 shortly after the SEC Championship, seats in that section are now going for $2,625. It also lets you know that tickets in that section have increased 64% over the past week. Quite frankly, the technology is amazing. culls information from all the sites to give you data on what the public is paying for tickets.

In the end, it helps you from getting burned and gives you a one stop shop for buying tickets to the BCS Championship or any other major sporting event. If you are in the market for seats, I highly recommend them.  Check it out.