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For All of the Marbles!

Time to take home another title!
BCS National Championship, Open Thread


     War Eagle, everybody! Well, it's finally here, the day every Orange and Blue-blooded soul has imagined, the day Auburn plays for a football national championship! It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here! Our Tigers can go where no Auburn team has ever gone before: 14 wins and an undisputed crown! It's heady stuff, to be sure! Today, the Auburn Tigers take on the Oregon Ducks for the national championship.

    Many Alabamians are snowed in today, but the football team does not have that problem. The conditions should be perfect for football in Glendale, and this game will be played in a state of the art stadium. This has been the toughest ticket ever in football, with bids going well above the $5000 mark. Those lucky ones who attend the game will be part of history!

     I know our Tigers will play hard, and do us proud! We'll be here all afternoon, and barring ice-related cable and internet outtages, we'll have a live play-by-play at gametime. Feel free to join in the fun, and above all else, enjoy this game! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. War Eagle, folks! War EAGLE!