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Is It Football Season Yet?


Good day, and War Eagle everyone. I hope all is well in National Championship land, and that Auburn fans everywhere have big smiles going forward.

I wanted to take the time this week to look at the other conference contenders for next year, while their plays, and players are fresh on my mind. Here are some interesting tidbits, that some may or may not know about each of these teams, that I would call "headed in the right direction".

BIG 12

Oklahoma State - Confidence is high in Stillwater, OK and it should be at an all time level. Returning an experienced "O" line QB, and possibly the nations best receiver, the Cowboys are gunning for a National title run. There are a few obstacles of course, one being in their own state. We know how that feels. The remaining factor is who will become the new Cowboy offensive coordinator, as yet to be named while writing this, that could determine how far the 'Boys go next season.

While the rest of the country is looking at the Sooners to make it to the BCS Championship, I for one see a new sheriff in town, and he calls Stillwater Oklahoma his home.

While I am not discounting a run by the Sooners, or the Texas Longhorns for that matter, OK State looks too good on paper to ignore, and Bob Stoops has failed more times than not in big games.

Texas on the other hand has to build a new staff almost, and chemistry won't be where championship teams need it to be. Look for the Longhorns to improve throughout the season, and possibly spoil someone's title dreams.


It will more than difficult for anybody in the ACC to keep FSU from taking the league crown. I don't see any indication from other schools to give me any hope for their cause. The Seminoles are strong, fast, and physical, all very good things to have when you talk about championships.

Coach Jimbo Fisher has this team ready for a shot at the title, and with aspirations of National implications.

The 'Noles have to build an offensive line with chemistry, and get that done quickly. Everywhere else, has starters or a back up with plenty of experience. A recipe for success no doubt.  Watch out for the 'Noles in 2011.

PAC - 12?

The Oregon Ducks are the team to beat here, and that should be obvious to all who watch college football. Oregon's Chip Kelly has his team believing in his style of offense, known as "the blur", and their defense is adding some more heft with this recruiting class.  It would take a train wreck of monumental proportions for Oregon not to win the PAC 10/12. 

If they should be able to run the tables again next season and go undefeated, they should be playing for the Crystal football.


TCU comes into the conference looking for that magical automatic bid to a BCS game. The Horned Frogs should have no problem making it's way through what has been known as the "Big Least". Look for TCU to continue to play smash mouth ball, and pick up some beefier linemen in future recruiting classes, now that they will play several games on the East coast each season.

We will be back at a later date to evaluate the SEC.

Lest any of you forget, the Auburn Tigers are the National Champions of the college football world. Kevin Strickland of AU family, has a wonderful piece I think you would all enjoy reading.

I also would like to let everyone know that we will be running an all day thread on National Signing Day which is Wednesday, Feb 2nd, 2011. The first letters aren't allowed to be sent before 9:00 am so, we will start early, and be here throughout the day.