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Friday Ramblings- Free at Last, Free at Last...

Thank God Almighty free at last

Didn't I tell you, huh? Didn't I say- just that? Never in my life have I witnessed a more public hanging of a man, than in the Cam Newton** case. To say that all of the Sheridan's, Schad's and Finebaum's of the world were wrong, would be equally an injustice. So here is my response, to the idiots.

Let me get this straight. USC cheats, and loses it's title, North Carolina cheats and receives sanctions, Georgia Tech cheats and receives sanctions, Boise State cheats, and gets probation, Ohio State cheats and you idiots defend them, still they get sanctions, and in every single one of those instances except the early stages of USC, you drug Auburn's good name through the mud as one of them. It's been 48 hours and not one of you inglorious bastards has had the decency to apologize to Auburn and it's faithful.

For the injustice to the Newton family, that you personally caused by spreading lies and innuendo instead of facts, I find you guilty. Guilty of unprofessional behavior, and horribly inefficient journalism. May you never be heard from again, and if you are, may nobody ever take you at your word(s).

For the slander of Cam Newton and his attempt to rehabilitate his college football career, after admittedly making mistakes as a freshman in college. I find you guilty. Your sentence should be a loss of employment with only a token mention ever again in quiet corners around the campus in Tuscaloosa.

For the slander against all things Auburn, I find you guilty! Your sentence should be the "piss bucket boys" for the infamous tree poisoner from Dadeville, Alabama, while he serves out his prison term(s).

So to you Joe Schad, and Danny Sheridan, and Paul Finebaum, and Pete Thamel, and Thayer Evans, and the wannbe's like Sports by Brooks, and every single other zealous idiots that screamed at the top of their collective lungs, that Auburn, and Cam were guilty. Your very worth could be poured into a thimble, and it would be found dry!

**Oh Snap! He gets to keep the Heisman Trophy too!

And just for the record, Jeris McIntyre is still one of my all time favorites.

Perfect timing....

To say that the NCAA letter couldn't have come at a better time would be false, but not by a whole lot. You see, this weekend we have a ton of visitors coming from all over the south to watch this game vs. the Florida Gators. Recruits, that have Auburn listed as one of their choices, probably have Florida listed as one.  Plus the 15 that have already committed to Auburn. A big time showing by the team, the fans, and most of all, the coaches is paramount to keeping the recruiting machine in overdrive.

According to these players and many more will be present this weekend...

OT [db]Shane Callahan[/db], Parker, Colo. (Chaparral) - Committed to Auburn

CB [db]T.J. Davis[/db], Tallahassee, Fla. (Godby) - Committed to Auburn

WR [db]Ricardo Louis[/db], Miami Beach, Fla. - Committed to Auburn

DE [db]Jordan Jenkins[/db], Hamilton, Ga. (Harris County)

DL [db]Leonard Williams[/db], Daytona Beach, Fla. (Mainland)

C [db]Matth Cochran[/db], Atwater, Calif. (Buhach)

The entire list is HERE.


Forget what I said earlier..

Earlier in the year, during our discussions about what each of us thought, concerning Auburn's chances and predicted record for the season, I mentioned this little gem..."Barring any major injuries".  Yeah, well forget that, Coach Chizik announced Wednesday night that LaDarius Owens won't be able to suit up this week either. Seems he's in a boot, and Joel Bonomolo will be his replacement. Aren't we far enough down into the reserves yet? 

Chizik's job gets harder by the day.

Speaking of, "I should never have said that"....

The classless Bowden foot in mouth disease went off again in Birmingham this past week. This time however, it was Tommy that shot his mouth off with this bizarre statement....

(Wide receiver) Sammy Watkins is terrific. If I had Sammy Watkins, I'd still be there.

The reason he didn't have Sammy Watkins or any players of that caliber, is because he was unable to recruit them. So Tommy throws ice onto the former players he did recruit, and honors Watkins. There are tons more to say about this, but I'll just say one thing, stay classy Tommy.

Tiger Prowler 2.0


A good man once said, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right twice. This is a really neat looking Auburn bus being made ready for tailgating. Read more about this and follow along on the adventure by selecting "like" on the facebook page.