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Grill the Gators!


Tigers host the Gators at sunset today!

     War Eagle, everybody! It's an Auburn home football Saturday! This evening, the Auburn Tigers host the Florida Gators at 6:00 PM Central Time, on ESPN. Two struggling, injury plagued teams meet, and the prize for this one is being virtually assured of bowl eligibility. A bowl appearance means extra practices, and that's exactly what a young team needs.

     The weather for this one should be delightful. It will be a clear day, and the temperature will struggle to make the mid 70s. It should be around 74 degrees at kickoff, falling rapidly into the 60s when the sun goes down. With the Tiger program newly exonerated by the NCAA, the crowd should be raucous and roaring!

     I expect a defensive struggle in this one. Both coordinators will likely put 8 men in the box on most plays, and give up a cushion on the receivers so as to not give up a big play. Neither team can afford to let the other run the ball, and both passing attacks have struggled.

    Feel free to join in the fun here, all day long! I think most, if not all of the staff is headed to the game, so you won't get your usual Acid play by play. I'll be at the game, screaming my lungs out, and doing my part towards an Auburn victory! War Eagle, and let's beat those Gators!